TO-220 Power Resistor (TR50-H Series TR50FBE9R10H)

TO-220 Power Resistor (TR50-H Series TR50FBE9R10H)


TO-220 Power Resistor (TR50-H Series TR50FBE9R10H)
TO-220 Power Resistor (TR50-H Series TR50FBE9R10H) Files Download

High power resistor, thick film with packaged TO220. applicaions are for switching power supply and snubbers circuit, automated machine controller, RF power amplifier, low energy pulse loading , UPS, voltage regulation , bleeder resistor.
TR50-H Series±1% 100 50W Series9.1Ω TO220

ToleranceTCR (ppm /℃)PowerResistance (Ohm)Package

Electrical Characteristics Specifications

Resistance RangeTCR (PPM/°C)
TR50-H-0.05Ω -1ΩNo Specified
->1Ω -3Ω±300
->3Ω -10Ω±100
>10Ω –100KΩ±50

☑ Operating Voltage: 420V Max.
☑ Dielectric Strength: 1800V AC
☑ Insulation Resistance: 10GΩ /min

Environmental Characteristics

ItemRequirementTest Method
Temperature Coefficient of
Resistance (T.C.R.)
As Spec.Referenced to 25°C, DR taken at +105°C
Short Time OverloadDR±0.3%2 times rated power with applied voltage not to exceed 1.5 times maximum continuous operating voltage for 5 seconds
Load LifeDR±1.0%2,000 hours at rated power
Damp Heat with LoadDR±0.5%40±2°C, 90~95% R.H., RCWV for 1000 hrs with 1.5 hrs “ON” and 0.5 hrs “OFF”
Solderability90% min. coverage245±5°C for 3 seconds
Thermal ShockDR±0.3%-65°C ~150°C, 100 cycles
Terminal StrengthDR±0.2%(Pull Test) 2.4N
Vibration, High FrequencyDR±0.2%20g peak
  • Lead Material: Tinned Copper
  • Maximum Torque: 0.9 N-m
  • Without a Heat Sink, When in Free Air at 25°C, the TR50-H is Rated for 2.25W.
  • The Case Temperature is to be used for the Definition of the Applied Power Limit.
  • The Case Temperature Measurement Must be Made with a Thermocouple Contacting the Center of the Component Mounted on the Designed Heat Sink.
  • Thermal Grease Should be Applied Properly.
  • RCWV(Rated continuous working voltage)= √(P*R) or Max. Operating voltage whichever is lower


  • 9R10
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