Chip Common Mode Choke (CM series CMH05MT361)

Chip Common Mode Choke (CM series CMH05MT361)


Chip Common Mode Choke (CM series CMH05MT361)
Chip Common Mode Choke (CM series CMH05MT361) Files Download

Chip common mode Filter is small chip inductor with ferrite core and two line types wire wounded. Highly effective in noise suppression high common mode impedance at noise band and low differential mode impedance at signal band , low differential mode impedance with high coupling factor. there is almost no distortion on high speed singal. tipically for EMI radiation noise suppression for any electronic devices.
CM Series0805 ±20% 360μH 0.4 Ω 280mA 125V 10MΩ min.

SizeToleranceInductance (μH)Test ConditionDCR (Ω) max.IDC (mA)Rated VoltageWithstanding Voltage Vdc (V)Insulation Resistance (MΩ) min.

Environmental Characteristics

Electrical Performance Test

ItemsRequirementTest Conditions / Test Methods
ImpedanceRefer to standard electrical
characteristic spec.
Component should not be damaged
LCR Meter HP 4291B
DC Resistance DCRMicro-Ohm meter (GOM-801G)
Withstand Voltage (VDC)Test Voltage: 2.5 Times Rated Voltage
Testing Time: 60 seconds
Charge Current: 0.5mA
Rated Voltage (VDC)Test Voltage: Rated Voltage
Testing Time: 1 to 5 seconds
Charge Current: 1mA
Insulation Resistance (I.R)Charge Current: 1minute
10M ohm min.

Mechanical Performance Test

ItemsRequirementTest Conditions / Test Methods
Component Adhesion
(Push Test)
Base: 0805≧2 Lbs
Cover: 0805≧1 Lbs
Base: 1206≧4 Lbs
Cover: 1206≧2 Lbs
The component should be soldered (232°C± 5°C for 10 sec.) to tinned copper substrate
Applied force gauge to the side of component It must withstand   force of 2 or 4 pounds without failure of the component.
DropComponent should not be damagedDropping chip by each side and corner. Drop 10 times in total
Drop height: 100 cm
Drop weight: 125 g
SolderabilityThe terminal should at least be 90% covered with solderThe component shall be dipped in a melted solder bath at 245 ±5 for 3 seconds
Vibration Test (Low Frequency)Component should not be damaged1. Amplitude: 1.5 m/m
2. Frequency: 10-55-10Hz (1min.)
3. Direction: X, Y, Z
4. Duration: 2 Hrs/X, Y, Z

Climatic Test

ItemsRequirementTest Conditions / Test Methods
Low Temperature StorageImpedance change: Within± 20%
Without distinct damage in appearance
1. Temp: -40 ±2°C
2. Time: 1000±48 Hours
3. Component should be tested after 1hour at room temperature
Thermal Shock
Total: 5 Cycles
High Temperature Storage1. Temp: 85 ± 2°C
2. Time: 1000 ± 48 Hours
3. Component should be tested after 1hour at room temperature
Humidity1. Temp: 40 ± 2°C
2. R.H. : 90 ~ 95%
3. Time: 48 ±2 Hours
High Temperature Load LifeThere should be no evidence of short or open circuit1. Temp: 85 ± 2°C
2. Time: 96 ± 12 Hours
3. Load: Allowed DC Current
Low Temperature Load Life1. Temp: -40 ± 2°C
2. Time: 96 ± 12 Hours
3. Load: Allowed DC Current
☑ Storage Temperature: 15~28°C; Humidity < 80%RH


Packaging Quantity & Reel Specifications

Packing Quantity & Reel Specifications
TypeΦAΦBΦCWTQuantity (EA)

Embossed Plastic Tape Specifications

Emboss Plastic Tape Specifications
TypeA (mm)B (mm)W (mm)E (mm)F (mm)P0 (mm)P1 (mm)P2 (mm)ΦD0 (mm)T (mm)

Peel-off Force

The force for tearing off cover tape is 0.05~0.69 (N) in the arrow direction at the following conditions:
Temperature: 5 ~ 35°C
Humidity: 45 ~ 85%
Atmospheric pressure: 860 ~ 1060hpa

Peel-off Force
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