Automotive Grade Thick Film Array Chip Resistor (CN..A Series)

0402x4 / 0603x4 / 0201x2 (Flat) / 0201x4 (Flat) / Viking Tech has the experience in the design of innovative components, offering support and service to Global customers that demand a genuine manufacturing partner. Our goal is to be the leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of miniature, precision passive components used throughout Automotive, Industrial and 3C electronic applications.

Automotive Grade Thick Film Array Chip Resistor (CN..A Series)

0402x4 / 0603x4 / 0201x2 (Flat) / 0201x4 (Flat)

Automotive Grade Thick Film Array Chip Resistor - CN..A Series
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Derating Curve
Derating Curve

Resistor Array for automotive or critical designs. The most common size of 0603 and 0402 are offering concave terminations. The size of 0201 is in flat type design for high reliability for 4P2R or 8P4R. Chip Resistor Arrays (Network) is single packaged device containing a network of homogeneous resistor elements. R array (R network) is typically used for convenience and cost or space saving when several same resistors applied in a layout.


  • This specification applies to all sizes of rectangular-type fixed chip resistors with Ruthenium-base as material.


  • AEC-Q200 Compliance.
  • Small size and light weight.
  • Reduction of assembly costs and matching with placement machines.
  • Reliability, high quality.
  • Special construction to prevent sulfuration in a sulfur containing environment
  • Suitable for IR reflow soldering.
  • 100% CCD inspection.


  • Entertainment.
  • Computer & Related Products.
  • Communication Equipment.
  • Power Equipment.
  • Measuring Instrument.


Resistor Array - CN Series Construction

Part Numbering

Resistor Array (CN) Part Numbering

Standard Electrical Specifications

Power Rating at 70°C Jumper Rated CurrentOperating Temp. RangeMax. Operating VoltageMax. Overload VoltageNumber Of ResistorsResistance RangeTCR
± 1%± 5%
CN-211/32W-55 ~ +125°C12.5V25V2-3Ω – 9.1Ω± 300
10Ω - 1MΩ± 200
Jumper: 0.5A0Ω (<50mΩ)-
CN-411/32W-55 ~ +125°C12.5V25V210Ω - 1MΩ± 200
Jumper: 0.5A0Ω (<50mΩ)-
CN-421/16W-55 ~ +155°C25V50V410Ω - 1MΩ1Ω - 1MΩ± 200
Jumper: 1A0Ω (<50mΩ)-
CN-431/10W-55 ~ +155°C50V100V410Ω - 1MΩ1Ω - 1MΩ± 200
Jumper: 1A0Ω (<50mΩ)-

Operating Voltage = √(P x R) or Max. operating voltage listed above, whichever is lower.
Overload Voltage = 2.5 x √(P x R) or Max. overload voltage listed above, whichever is lower.
■ Viking is capable of manufacturing the optional spec based on customer's requirement.

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  • Data Sheet
    Data Sheet

    Automotive Grade Thick Film Array Chip Resistor - CN..A Series

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Automotive Grade Thick Film Array Chip Resistor (CN..A Series) Manufacturer - Viking

Based in Taiwan, Viking Tech Corporation is one of the prime Automotive Grade Thick Film Array Chip Resistor (CN..A Series) manufacturers since 1997. And their products are used throughout automotive, electronic device applications.

TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 and meet AEC-Q200 standards, Viking has been offering anti-sulfur, anti-surge, pulse, high voltage, high power precision resistors including thin/ thick film resistors, automotive resistors, melf resistors, current sense resistors, etc. Low noise, low TC, high power inductors such as rf inductors, chip inductors, power inductors, variable inductors, ferrite chip inductors, shielded inductors, wire wound inductors and dip inductors.

Viking has been offering customers high quality power resistors, power inductors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors with solid reputation. Both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Viking makes sure to meet each customer's demands.




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