TO-263 SMD Power Resistors (STR35 Series STR35FBG2R20)

TO-263 SMD Power Resistors (STR35 Series STR35FBG2R20)


TO-263 SMD Power Resistors (STR35 Series STR35FBG2R20)
TO-263 SMD Power Resistors (STR35 Series STR35FBG2R20) Files Download

SMD high power resistor upto 35W, thick film with packaged TO263. applicaions are switching power supply and snubbers circuit, automated machine controller, RF power amplifier, low energy pulse loading , UPS, voltage regulation , bleeder resistor.
STR35 Series±1% 300 35W Series2.2Ω TO220

ToleranceTCR (ppm /℃)PowerResistance (Ohm)Package

Electrical Characteristics Specifications

Resistance Range TCR (PPM/°C)
±0.5% ±1% ±5% ±10%
STR35 --- --- 0.5Ω –0.91Ω No Specified
--- 1Ω –2.7Ω ±100
--- 3Ω -10Ω ±100
>10Ω –100KΩ ±50
☑ Operating Voltage: 500V Max.
☑ Dielectric Strength: 2000VAC
☑ Insulation Resistance: 10GΩ min.
☑ Working Temperature Range: -55°C to +175°C
☑ Resistance Value < 1Ω is available

Environmental Characteristics

Item Requirement Test Method
Temperature Coefficient of
Resistance (T.C.R.)
As Spec. JIS-C-5201-1 4.8
IEC 60115-1 4.8
Referenced to 25°C, DR taken at +105°C
Short Time Overload DR±0.3% JIS-C-5201-1 4.13
IEC 60115-1 4.13
2 times rated power with applied voltage not to exceed 1.5 times maximum continuous operating voltage for 5 seconds
Load Life DR±1.0% JIS-C-5201-1 4.25
IEC 60115-1 4.25
2,000 hours at rated power
High Temperature Exposure DR±0.25% MIL-STD-202 method 108
at +175°C for 1000 hrs. Unpowered.
Temperature Cycling DR±0.3% JESD22 Method JA-104
-55°C~+175°C, 1000 cycles
Damp Heat with Load DR±0.5% JIS-C-5201-1 4.24
IEC 60115-1 4.24
40±2°C, 90~95% R.H., RCWV for 1000 hrs with 1.5 hrs “ON” and 0.5 hr “OFF”
Vibration, High Frequency DR±0.2% MIL-STD-202 Method 204
5 g's for 20 min., 12 cycles each of 3 orientations,
10-2000 Hz
Resistance to Soldering Heat ΔR±0.5% JIS-C-5201-1 4.18
IEC 60115-1 4.18
260±5°C for 10 seconds
Solderability 90% min. coverage J-STD-002
245±5°C for 3 seconds
Terminal Strength No broken AEC-Q200-006
Force of 1.8kg for 60 seconds.
☑ Lead Material: Tinned Copper
☑ Maximum Torque: 0.9 N-m
☑ When in Free Air at 25°C, the STR35 is Rated for 2.50W
☑ The Case Temperature is to be used for the Definition of the Applied Power Limit
☑ RCWV(Rated Continuous Working Voltage)=√(P*R) or Max. Operating Voltage whichever is lower.

Soldering Condition

IR Reflow Soldering
(1) Time of IR reflow soldering at maximum temperature point 260°C:10s
(2) Time of soldering iron at maximum temperature point 410°C:5s


Reel Specifications & Packaging Quantity

Packing Quantity & Reel Specifications
Type Packaging Quantity Tape Width Reel Diameter ΦA
STR35 500 pcs 24mm 13 inch 330±1.0 100±0.5 13.5±0.3 25.4±0.5 30.0±0.5

Emboss Plastic Tape Specifications

Emboss Plastic Tape Specifications
Type A (mm) B (mm) W (mm) E (mm) F (mm) P0 (mm) P1 (mm) P2 (mm) ΦD0 (mm) T (mm)
STR35 10.80±0.10 16.13±0.10 24.0±0.30 1.75±0.1 11.5±0.1 4.0±0.1 16.0±0.1 2.0±0.1 1.55±0.05 5.25±0.20


  • 2R20
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TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 and meet AEC-Q200 standards, Viking has been offering anti-sulfur, anti-surge, pulse, high voltage, high power precision resistors including thin/ thick film resistors, automotive resistors, melf resistors, current sense resistors, etc. Low noise, low TC, high power inductors such as rf inductors, chip inductors, power inductors, variable inductors, ferrite chip inductors, shielded inductors, wire wound inductors and dip inductors.

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