New Product Anti-Sulfur Resistor Array (AS43/ 42/ 41/ 21 Series)

New Product Anti-Sulfur Resistor Array (AS43/ 42/ 41/ 21 Series)

2020/09/14 Viking Tech

Chip Resistor Array (R Network) is single packaged device containing an array of
homogeneous resistor elements. Resistor array is typically used for convenience and cost
or space saving when several same resistors applied in a layout. The size can be as small
as 0201,4P2R or 8P4R.
AS43,AS42,AS41,AS21 Resistor Arry is using special construction of termination to
increase the strength to against the sulfuration. Silver sulfide produced due to high Sulfur
environment that impacts the conductivity, therefore resistor gets disconnected. Viking
‘s Anti-sulfurated resistor array is an ideal choice to prevent your electronic devices being
damaged from the high –sulfur environment.


  • -Special construction to prevent sulfuration in a sulfur containing environment
  • - More efficient in pick & place assembly, Low assembly costs
  • -Saving of PCB space
  • - High reliability, Excellent stability
  • -AEC-Q200 Compliance, 100% CCD inspection
  • - Passed EIA977 anti-sulfurated testing


  • -Automotive, ECU, Navigation Systems
  • - Memory Modules (SSD, DDR)
  • -Industrial Equipment
  • -Automatic Equipment Controller
  • -Medical Equipment
  • -High-end Multimedia Electronics, Notebook, PCs/Desktop PCs
  • -Outdoor Electronic Applications
  • -Power Supplies, Servers
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Viking New Product Anti-Sulfur Resistor Array (AS43/ 42/ 41/ 21 Series) Introduction

Viking Tech Corporation is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Certified RF Inductor Supplier. Viking has been offering our customers high quality Thin film precision resistor, current sensing resistor, RF ceramic chip inductor, power inductor, MELF thin film resistor, Thick film resistor, MLCC, Multilayer chip capacitor, Chip bead, power resistor, Anti-sulfur resistor, high voltage resistor, Anti-surge resistor, anti-pulse resistor. Resistor array, leaded resistor, Aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor since 1997. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Viking always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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