Shunt Resistor (LRS Series)

0630 / 1050 / 1575 / Viking Tech has the experience in the design of innovative components, offering support and service to Global customers that demand a genuine manufacturing partner. Our goal is to be the leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of miniature, precision passive components used throughout Automotive, Industrial and 3C electronic applications.

Shunt Resistor (LRS Series)

0630 / 1050 / 1575

Chip Shunt Resistor - LRS Series
Chip Shunt Resistor - LRS Series Files Download
LRS0630 / 1050 Derating Curve
LRS0630 / 1050 Derating Curve
LRS1575 Derating Curve
LRS1575 Derating Curve
LRS0630 5W Derating Curve
LRS0630 5W Derating Curve

Metal shut chip resistor for high power upto 7W, heavy copper connectors ,excellent long term stability and low inductance. Current sensor for hybrid power source, frequency converter and hihg current automotive.


  • Resistance value from 0.2mΩ~5mΩ.
  • Electron beam welding, stable performance.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Excellent long term stability.


  • Switching Power Supply
  • Voltage Regulation Module
  • PDA and Cell Phone
  • Power Module
  • Frequency Converters
  • DC-DC Converter, Adapter, Battery Pack, Charger
  • Current Sensor for Power Hybrid Sources
  • High Current Handling for Automotive Engine Controls and Power Management


Chip Shunt Resistor - LRS Series Construction

Part Numbering

Chip Shunt Resistor - LRS Series Part Numbering

Standard Electrical Specifications

Type Power Rating Material Resistance Range TCR (PPM/°C)
±1% ±5%
LRS0630 3W Manganin 0.9, 1mΩ


LRS0630 5W Manganin 1mΩ


LRS0630 5W Kamar 1, 2, 3, 4mΩ


LRS1050 2W NiCr alloy 5mΩ ±100
LRS1050 2.5W NiCr alloy 4mΩ ±100
LRS1050 3W NiCr alloy 3mΩ ±100
LRS1050 4W Manganin 1mΩ


LRS1050 4W NiCr alloy 2mΩ ±100
LRS1050 4W Manganin 0.5mΩ ±75
LRS1050 5W Manganin 0.2, 0.3mΩ ±75
LRS1575 3W NiCr alloy 5mΩ ±100
LRS1575 3.5W NiCr alloy 3mΩ ±100
LRS1575 4W NiCr alloy 2mΩ ±100
LRS1575 6W Manganin 0.5, 1mΩ ±100
LRS1575 6W Manganin 0.4mΩ ±50
LRS1575 7W Manganin 0.2mΩ ±50

☑ Operature Temperature range:-55~125 °C

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Shunt Resistor (LRS Series) Manufacturer - Viking

Based in Taiwan, Viking Tech Corporation is one of the prime Shunt Resistor (LRS Series) manufacturers since 1997. And their products are used throughout automotive, electronic device applications.

TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 and meet AEC-Q200 standards, Viking has been offering anti-sulfur, anti-surge, pulse, high voltage, high power precision resistors including thin/ thick film resistors, automotive resistors, melf resistors, current sense resistors, etc. Low noise, low TC, high power inductors such as rf inductors, chip inductors, power inductors, variable inductors, ferrite chip inductors, shielded inductors, wire wound inductors and dip inductors.

Viking has been offering customers high quality power resistors, power inductors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors with solid reputation. Both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Viking makes sure to meet each customer's demands.




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